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Genesis Roofing has been providing ventilation and skylight installation and general roof repairs to Perth residential and commercial properties for over 25 years.

We guarantee the best service, price and quality on all our products and workmanship. We take safety and quality very seriously; all works completed by our team are guaranteed to conform to all BCA codes, relevant Australian Standards and Worksafe regulations.

  • Free quotations/ inspections
  • Commercial & residential roof repairs in Perth and surrounds
  • Roof replacement
  • Programmed maintenance- roof and gutter cleaning service
  • Installation of domestic and industrial roof ventilation systems
  • Custom designing of commercial ventilation systems
  • Installation of commercial and residential solar powered LED ‘skylights’
  • Installation/replacement of polycarbonate or fiberglass skylight sheeting


Natural Ventilation: Residential – Supply/Installation

Free delivery nearly anywhere in Australia!

WUntitled-12ithout a doubt, Solar Storm solar powered roof vents are the way to go for all types of homes. It provides maximum ventilation when the weather is hottest.

In winter months it provides passive (natural convection) ventilation, essential for preventing mould and mildew forming on ceilings and walls.

Raked or cathedral ceiling areas can also be ‘direct vented’ using the Solar Storm roof ventilator. This has produced incredible results in these areas as the lack of a ceiling cavity allows inside temperatures to rise quickly. Allowing that trapped heat out and fresh air in means the temperature is rapidly reduced. We have had constant positive feedback on this method for over 25 years!


Natural Ventilation: Commercial – Supply/ Installation

Free delivery nearly anywhere in Australia!

Factories, warehouses, workshops, office areas, schools, hospitals and every type of commercial building require some level of ventilation. New commercial buildings are required to follow the regulations under the BCA Codes for minimum ventilation requirements.

We strongly recommend the Typhoon Wind Driven Turbine roof ventilators in 2 sizes (500mm and 600mm throat) for most medium to large commercial buildings. It is the most cost effective method to provide the required 24/7 ventilation. For large industrial buildings, AEROJET Ridge Vent or Slope Vent is available from 300mm  to a massive 5500mm throat. We guarantee to beat any quote by 10%. Cyclonic rated models available and we guarantee to beat any quote by 10%.


Natural Skylights

Installation of high quality solar panel powered LED ‘Skylights’. We provide a huge range of sizes, designs and applications for both residential and commercial properties. All backed by Kimberly Products Australia.  Australian manufacturers for over 90 years!


Testimonials: Jamie Rutherford of Forrestfield, WA. ‘As a self-employed roof plumber, I have installed vents on homes and businesses for many years. I believe that Genesis have the best roof vents on the market… quality and price.  

We are very pleased with your work so far and very happy with the service’
Glen Davis. Property Maintenance Manager. Catholic Homes Inc  

‘Thank you so much for the work-orders update. I am very impressed with the feedback’
Dyane de Denne. BPG Australia  

‘Thankyou for your great work’ Karen, Wanneroo.