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In the west, we are blessed to have an abundance of clear, blue days almost all-year round. It makes skylights in Perth homes a must. Who wouldn’t want to filter all of that natural light into their home?

Skylights for commercial buildings have come a long way since we first began installing them in 1988. Instead of having a big, unsightly light shaft protruding out of the roof, there are now many slim-line and technologically advanced options on the market.


A new Shaftless™ skylight system that you can install anywhere.

illume™ adds the ambience of natural lighting to buildings where under normal circumstances a traditional skylight could not be fitted.

If you are building, renovating, or designing a living space you can now include the harmonious aesthetic of sky lighting in your home without learning a trade. illume can also easily be installed in high rise apartments or multi-storey housing, even in the basement.

As with traditional skylights, elements such as the time of day and the presence of cloud cover also affect the lighting levels that illume emits. We call this ‘ambient light technology’ and it ensures that illume behaves exactly as a traditional skylight would by creating a balanced harmony between internal and external lighting conditions.

The difference is that the illume advanced skylight system isn’t restricted to locations with direct roof access. This makes them the ideal skylights for Perth’s evolving residential designs.


illume_systemSo, how does illume work?

Once the illume solar collector is mounted on your roof, the sun’s energy is harnessed and converted using the patent pending ambient light technology system. This system outputs through the illume control module which in turn powers the illume skylight panel. The patented ambient light technology system automatically adjusts the skylight panel output to match external conditions. This means that as the sky clouds over or the sun sets, so does the light output of illume.


Think of the darker areas in your home that with illume, you would no longer need to turn on a light during the day.