There are many businesses providing roof repairs in Perth, but our quality, pricing and first class service is unmatched. Genesis has been providing residential and commercial roofing in Perth for over 26 years. We offer free assessments and quotations for both residential and commercial roofs from Mandurah to Yanchep. Our assessment will include the general condition of your roof with a particular focus on preventative maintenance. Roof & gutter cleaning is commonly overlooked yet can cause damage to the interior of a building as well as being a serious fire risk. We offer roof, gutter and downpipe clearing services from as low as $99.00 for an average size roof.



Often overlooked, however absolutely essential in providing a myriad of benefits. Roof ventilation in Perth houses is essential as temperatures inside your roof cavity can skyrocket during summer months. Even homes with air-con systems have the ducting run through the roof cavity. Removing the heat from the roof cavity and replacing it with cooler outside air can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 6” Celsius! For homes we recommend The Solar Storm roof ventilator. Solar powered with automatic thermostat so allows passive ventilation in winter months, essential to eliminate mould and mildew.

Special Offer from $685 fully installed!



Factories, warehouses, workshops, office areas, schools, hospitals and every type of commercial building require some level of ventilation. New commercial buildings are required to follow the regulations under the BCA Codes for minimum ventilation requirements. We strongly recommend the Typhoon Wind Driven Turbine roof ventilators in 2 sizes (500mm and 600mm throat) for most medium to large commercial buildings. It is the most cost effective method to provide the required 24/7 ventilation.

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